Seed and Fertilizer

Los Angeles County Sod Farm offers the healthiest, highest quality sod in Los Angeles County, delivering Genuine Marathon Sod, Zeon Zoysias, Tifgreen Bermuda, St. Augustine, seed and fertilizer.

Genuine Marathon® Seed

Genuine Marathon Seed
Los Angeles County Sod Farm carries Genuine Marathon grass seed, including Original Marathon, Marathon II and Marathon III. The grass seed comes in 1-pound, 5-pound and 25-pound containers for your convenience.

Marathon® All Season Lawn Fertilizer

Marathon Fertilizer
To keep lawns healthy and beautiful, be sure to apply Marathon® All Season Fertilizer one month after installation, and every 1- 2 months thereafter. Formulated especially for Marathon lawns. Nitrogen-rich for quick greening. All Season Lawn Fertilizer bag weighs 18 pounds.
Three fertilizers in one, using the three application rates listed below:

  • Quick Boost— revives faded lawns with a high nitrogen formula.
  • Winter—high nitrate gives relief to yellowed lawns in cooler weather.
  • Maintenance—provides the right balance of nutrients to keep lawns green and looking lush no matter the season.

Marathon® Sod and Seed Starter Spring and Fall Supplement

marathon sod and seed starter spring and fall supplement
Use Marathon Sod & Seed Starter Spring & Fall Supplement before having your new lawn installed; it can also be applied over the top of the lawn for great results! This specially formulated fertilizer does the following:

  • Accelerates the establishment of new lawns.
  • Nurtures a lawn through its critical first weeks.
  • Reduces the risk of transplant shock.
  • Helps the grass roots develop faster.
  • Provides a carefully balanced mixture of vital nutrients.
  • Is the perfect fertilizer for all house and garden-variety plants.

Marathon® Natural and Organic Lawn Food

marathon organic lawn food
Environmentally conscientious lawn fertilizer with naturally and organically derived nutrients that makes being “Green” even greener! Provides your lawn with nutrients for vigorous growth in the springs, summer, and fall. It is an organic nitrogen lawn food, and as are all natural and organic fertilizers, Marathon Natural and Organic Lawn Food is most effective during the warmer seasons.

Where We Deliver Sod

Los Angeles County Sod Farm delivers Genuine Marathon Sod grass to all Los Angeles County locations. Buy sod in Los Angeles, buy sod in Burbank, buy sod in Saugus, buy sod  inThousand Oaks, buy insod Anaheim, buy sod in Irvine, buy sod in Santa Ana, buy sod in Fullerton, buy sod in Costa Mesa, buy sod in Dana Point, buy sod in Mission Viejo, buy sod in Laguna Beach, buy sod in San Clemente, buy sod in Tustin, buy sod in Yorba Linda, buy sod in Orange, buy sod in Buena Park, buy sod in Lake Forest, buy sod in San Juan Capistrano, buy sod in Rancho Santa Margarita, buy sod in Laguna Niguel, buy sod in Laguna Woods, buy sod in Brea, buy sod in Cypress, buy sod in Aliso Viejo. buy sod in Los Alamitos. buy sod in Placentia, buy sod in Westminster, buy sod in Stanton. See the Types of Sod the farm grows and delivers to you!

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